Can music help people through difficult times? 71% of Americans say it has

December 06, 2017, 3:00 PM GMT+0

More Democrats than Republicans feel this way

Music has long been hailed for having therapeutic value and it turns out that the vast majority of Americans agree. Overall, 71% said they agreed that music has helped through a difficult time in their lives – only 14% disagreed.

While a majority of all respondents agreed with this statement, age was a divisive factor. At 67%, most young millennials (age 18-24) agreed that music had helped them through hard times, while this portion increased to 72% of respondents aged 55+. However, the largest portion of respondents who agreed with the statement were aged 35-44, of whom 76% said music had helped through difficult times.

Gender and geographic location were not significant factors in affecting response proportions. However, there was a disparity between political affiliations, with 78% of Democrats versus 70% of Republicans saying music had helped through difficult times.

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