Billboard Music Awards' most famous performer: Jennifer Lopez

Elise CzajkowskiEditor, YouGov US
May 18, 2018, 5:00 PM GMT+0

Only 3% of Americans say they've never heard of the singer and actor

The 2018 Billboard Music Awards will be held in Las Vegas on Sunday, and the Kelly Clarkson-hosted affair will have more than a dozen performances throughout the show. New data from YouGov Ratings finds that the most famous performer to grace the stage will be singer and actor Jennifer Lopez, with 97% of Americans saying they know who she is.

The next most famous performer is Janet Jackson, who 96% of the country knows, followed by Christina Aguilera (94%), Clarkson (91%), and Ariana Grande (83%). The least well-known performers are Zedd, who 32% of the country knows, Khalid (48%), and Shawan Mendes (49%).

Lopez is also the second most popular performer of the night, with 54% of Americans having a positive opinion of her. She's bested only by host Clarkson, of whom 56% of Americans have a positive opinion.