TV's Everywhere Ecosystem: An analysis of the TV networks sector

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
September 19, 2018, 6:15 PM GMT+0

On any given day, three in four Americans watch TV using an actual television; a quarter watch using another device

The dust has settled somewhat since online streaming began to disrupt how Americans watch TV. Today, a third of Americans (32%) say they watch TV through some combination of live TV and streaming. This points to a market of people disinterested in the battle between traditional providers and streaming giants – they will watch quality TV regardless of whether the content is delivered via broadcast, cable, or the internet.

Comcast and Netflix’ recent partnership may be an indication of how competitors can coexist in the same space. What has also emerged from streaming’s disruption is a rich digital ecosystem where TVs, cell phones, tablets, and computers can all be used to watch on-demand content. The most popular networks today all have their own respective streaming apps alongside their linear programming.

This report aims to address the state of television in the US today and identify the top networks among Americans, as well as with niche audiences. It explores:

  • The preferred TV networks that people residing in the Pacific and the South Atlantic states are more likely to watch compared to the rest of the country
  • In-depth segmentations of day-time TV viewers, fans of ABC’s hit show Scandal, and on-the-go streamers using data from YouGov Profiles
  • The preferred brands that these specific audiences say they are more likely to consider buying from
  • Netflix’ success through the lens of YouGov BrandIndex and which metrics hint at continued growth

This analysis of the networks sector among US consumers should be of particular interest to those seeking to understand the TV landscape as well as identify potential brands and retailers to partner with.

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