Majorities of Americans and Brits are excited over Disney’s content ambitions

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
December 15, 2020, 8:22 PM GMT+0

December is turning out to be a good month for Disney and the company’s recently announced schedule of new content for Disney Plus is driving even more positive attention. During the Investor Day 2020 event last Thursday, Disney disclosed that it currently has 86 million subscribers on the streaming platform, a milestone for any streaming platform after its first year.

Disney has no plans to slow down and its content schedule over the next decade seem indicative of this. In addition to Disney’s animated movies and live action adaptations of fan classics, the company’s slew of Marvel and Star Wars content is driving high levels of excitement across the US and the UK.

A new YouGov snap poll conducted among 1,200 Americans and 1,200 Britons measures awareness around Disney’s upcoming content schedule just one day after it was announced. In the US, nearly half of Americans (48%) say they seen or heard a lot or a little about Disney’s upcoming schedule of TV and movie releases.

In the UK, more than two in five Brits (43%) say they have seen or heard something about the upcoming releases. The data demonstrates Disney’s market penetration in both countries, especially as it relates to attention to and awareness of brand news.

And it’s not just that Americans and Brits are aware of Disney’s recent news — they’re expressing excitement over the company’s content ambitions over the next decade. Overall, 72% of Americans and 62% of Britons say they are excited for at least one of Disney’s newly-announced TV shows and films.

We measured which content categories people were most excited about and Disney’s slate of upcoming Marvel movies such as Black Panther II and Spider-Man 3 leads in both countries.

Disney’s plans for Lucasfilm movies and TV shows are also popular with Americans and Brits as well as its schemes for animated movies such as Raya and the Last Dragon and Lightyear. Announcements of new Marvel TV shows tend to be more popular among Americans than Brits and, in both countries, animated TV shows drum up the least excitement.

And the good news for Disney doesn’t stop there. Even among those who were not aware of Disney’s upcoming schedule of content before taking the survey, 59% of Americans and 49% of Brits say they are excited for at least one of the recently announced TV shows and films after learning of them.

: The snap poll was conducted among 1,200 US adults and 1,200 UK adults aged 18 and over. All interviews were conducted online and results have been weighted to be nationally representative of each country. The margin of error is ±2.8% for the US sample and ±2.8% for the UK sample.

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