These brands had the most effective ad campaigns in Australia in 2020

January 18, 2021, 3:17 PM GMT+0

2020 has been a year of both challenges and opportunities for many of Australia’s major brands and effective advertising remains key to the survival for many. But who, according to the YouGov data, has experienced the highest increase in advertising awareness over the past year?

In a list reflective of 2020, the five brands that have experienced the highest increases in advertising awareness are: JD Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Amazon, Noom and Google Chromebook.

The Good Guys and parent company JB Hi-Fi registered the highest levels of advertising awareness across the five brands, standing at 30.5% and 37.1%, up from 23.7% and 29.7% respectively. Both retailers appear to have increased their marketing outlay in order to capitalise on the spike in demand for consumer electronics as Australians adjusted to working from home during the pandemic.

Amazon, master of e-commerce, has understandably thrived in 2020 and has maintained steady levels of Ad Awareness throughout the year, with an overall annual increase of 7.5%. Amazon did however experience a steep drop in Ad Awareness towards the end of February – falling to 12.6% at its lowest point – before bouncing back in March. This could be explained by the initial uncertainty surrounding the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the other demands on consumers’ attention.

Google Chromebook also makes our list of brands. The budget-friendly laptops, although not as embedded in the collective consciousness of Australians as our other brands, were able to register a significant increase in advertising awareness, with a percentage increase of 189% on the 2.9% recorded in December 2019.

The final brand on our list is Noom. National lockdowns and the resultant decrease in physical activity has highlighted the need for healthier living and Noom, the mobile-based weight loss programme, believe they have the answer. Its 10.8% increase in Ad Awareness reflects the brand’s attempt to exploit the increased importance placed on personal health.

Methodology: The listed brands saw the highest year-over year increase in Ad Awareness for the period November 8 – December 8. Increases listed on chart and in text refer to the scores on December 8, 2019 and December 8, 2020 on a four-week moving average.

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