One Year After the BP Oil Spill, Americans Are Ready to Drill

One Year After the BP Oil Spill, Americans Are Ready to Drill

One year after the BP Gulf Oil spill, a majority of Americans favor increasing offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, 57% favor more drilling, while 30% oppose that. 


Support is lower than it was just over a year ago, before the spill. Then, 62% were in favor. Support dropped as low as 44% last June.

Today the spill is looked on more as an unusual accident than as the inevitable result of the practice of offshore drilling. 64% view the 2010 accident as something they do not expect to see often in the future. 


More than half the public gives BP only a fair or poor rating when it comes to handling the cleanup of the spill, and about the same number say that about the U.S. government’s response. But more than two-thirds say they have seen at least some progress in cleaning up the Gulf (30% see a lot of progress). Just 15% see little or no improvement. 


60% would issue permits to oil companies that meet new safety standards — though less than half would issue a permit to BP. Only 17% would issue no permits; slightly more aren’t sure. 

Photo source: flickr ( lagohsep )

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