Ben Henderson
  • Keep wrestling as an Olympic sportArticle

    Keep wrestling as an Olympic sport

    Americans strongly agree that wrestling to stay in the Olympics, but other less conventional sports - such as pole dancing - do not enjoy such support An article in the Wall Street Journal last week highlighted the attempts that the organizers of "pole sports" - better known as pole dancing ...

    16 Aug 2013
  • Can money buy happiness? Maybe if you're young and liberalArticle

    Can money buy happiness? Maybe if you're young and liberal

    Most Americans say money can't buy happiness, but younger Americans and those who identify as liberal are more open to the idea. That money can't buy you happiness is a well known fact. But new research from YouGov reveals that not all Americans agree. One-third of Americans (33%) say ...

    14 Aug 2013
  • 1950s most popular destination for would-be time travelersArticle

    1950s most popular destination for would-be time travelers

    If they could travel back in time to any decade in the 20th century, Americans' top choice is the 1950s Traveling in time has long been a popular subject in books and movies. While actual time travel remains only a distant posibility, new research from YouGov gives Americans the chance ...

    13 Aug 2013
  • Hillary mini-series: good programming or unfair advantage?Article

    Hillary mini-series: good programming or unfair advantage?

    Democrats and Republicans are on opposite sides of the aisle over whether planned Hillary Clinton shows will give her an unfair advantage in an election Currently both NBC and CNN have planned projects about former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. NBC plans to create, in partnership ...

    12 Aug 2013
  • One in three say sharks are misunderstoodArticle

    One in three say sharks are misunderstood

    A third of Americans are ready to give sharks the benefit of the doubt, while scorpions top the list of animals which Americans are most afraid of. With Discovery's Shark Week closing out its 26th year, sharks have continued to make inroads into American pop culture. Yet even with only one fatal shark attack reported in the US last year, the carnivorous fish have never quite shaken the man-eating reputation they developed as a result of 1975's Jaws...

    10 Aug 2013
  • Americans no longer asking 'Doctor who?'Article

    Americans no longer asking 'Doctor who?'

    A majority of Americans have heard of Doctor Who and nearly one in four have watched a full episode of it, more than most Emmy nominees this year. Earlier this week, Peter Capaldi was announced to be the new lead in the long running British science fiction series Doctor Who. While the show is a veritable institution in Britain, with 36% of population saying they followed the selection of new Doctor closely, it has been considered to be a cult series in America. New research from YouGov shows that this may no longer be the case.

    08 Aug 2013
  • Americans say no to bringing back woolly mammothArticle

    Americans say no to bringing back woolly mammoth

    A majority of Americans say cloning animals is acceptable in some circumstances, but not to reintroduce extinct species Last month, scientists in Japan unveiled the carcass of a woolly mammoth found frozen in the Siberian permafrost. The carcass, believed to be tens of thousands of years old, still had hair, ...

    07 Aug 2013
  • American dream slipping away, but hope intactArticle

    American dream slipping away, but hope intact

    Americans are split on whether the American dream is still achievable, but most still say hard work can take you to the top. Since the Occupy Wall Street protests brought the subject of wealth inequality in America to the fore, the topic has been a major point of discussion in ...

    07 Aug 2013
  • Americans not yet nuts for cronutsArticle

    Americans not yet nuts for cronuts

    The "cronut", a croissant and donut hybrid, has taken New York by storm, but less than half of Americans are interested in trying one and even fewer would wait in line to do so. In May, the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York introduced the cronut, a combination of croissant and donut...

    06 Aug 2013
  • Terrorism fears down since BostonArticle

    Terrorism fears down since Boston

    Last Friday, the State Department temporarily closed its embassies and diplomatic posts throughout the Middle East, citing the threat of an Al Qaeda attack. Nineteen embassies remained closed this week, though according to a State Department spokesperson, this is not due to additional threats but "an abundance of caution".

    06 Aug 2013