Can money buy happiness? Maybe if you're young and liberal

August 14, 2013, 6:01 PM GMT+0

Most Americans say money can't buy happiness, but younger Americans and those who identify as liberal are more open to the idea

(Week of 8/10/2013) That money can't buy you happiness is a well known fact. But the newest YouGov/Economist poll reveals that not all Americans agree.

One-third of Americans (33%) say that money can, in fact, buy you happiness. Most (67%), however, side with conventional wisdom and say that money cannot buy you happiness.

Some Americans are more taken with the idea that money might buy you happiness than others, though. 44% of Americans 18-29 years old and 44% of those who identify politically as "Liberal" say that money can buy you happiness.

Yet the survey also indicates something somewhat foreboding for those who might say that money can buy you happiness. Those ostensibly making the most money - Americans with a family income above $100,000 a year - are the least likely to say that money can buy happiness. Only 19% say that it can.

Economist results for week of 8/10/2013 | Economist Archive

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