Most Americans say they make Santa's "Nice" list

December 19, 2017, 3:00 PM GMT+0

But 65% of Americans who celebrate Christmas think President Trump is on the naughty list

According to the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, nearly everyone is on Santa’s “nice” list – well, at least that’s what people say. But as for one prominent American, maybe not so much.

85% of those American adults who celebrate Christmas claim that Santa Claus would put them on his “nice” list. Only 15% think they’d be classified as “naughty.”

As for who is most willing to call themselves “naughty,” there is little political or regional distinction. But men are twice as likely as women to say they have been naughty, and Americans seems to feel nicer as they age. 28% of men under the age of 45 call themselves naughty compared with only 16% of women in that age group.

But most of the country doesn’t see President Donald Trump that way: two out of three say he’s on Santa’s naughty list. Nearly every Democrat thinks that, but so do two in three independents and 29% of Republicans.

As for Santa Claus himself, just under half of those who celebrate Christmas say his role is somewhat or very important in their celebrations. Republicans and Democrats are about equally likely to say this. Santa matters most to those with children under the age of 18. For nearly two-thirds of those parents, Santa’s role in the Christmas celebration is important.

Most adults (86%) said they believed in Santa Claus when they were children. African-Americans are much less likely to say they ever believed: just 65% of black respondents who celebrate Christmas said they once believed in Santa Claus.

87% of today’s parents say their children believed (or still believe) in Santa Claus. The median age when children stop believing? 10 years old.

Republicans and Democrats share similar views about Santa Claus. But does Santa have a preferred political party? According to the poll, he’s a Democrat. But that’s a matter of politics, too. 80% of Republicans say Santa is one of them, politically.

Read the full results and tables here.

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