One-third of Americans oppose Trump’s farmer aid plan

Jamie BallardData Journalist
July 30, 2018, 5:00 PM GMT+0

Republicans (66%) were overwhelmingly in favor of the idea

The Trump administration recently announced that it would provide up to $12 billion to US farmers who have been negatively affected by the president’s trade war. Forty percent of Americans say that this is a good idea, while about one-third (31%) say it’s a bad idea.

Republicans (66%) were overwhelmingly in favor of the idea, while only about one-third (30%) of Democrats agreed. Another 43% of Democrats said it was a bad idea. Independent voters also tend to be more in favor (40%) than opposed (33%).

Across all regions, more tended to support the idea than oppose it. In the south – which includes Texas, the US state with the most farms – 41% said it was a good idea. In the midwest, which also contains many of the country’s farms, a similar 39% said it was a good idea.

People with high incomes of more than $80K annually were significantly more opposed (44%) to the emergency aid plan than their peers with lower incomes. Only 34% in this group said it was a good idea, compared to 42% of people making $40-$80K and 41% of people earning less than $40K.

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