64% Still Say President Obama Could Be Doing More To Create Jobs

September 20, 2011, 5:00 PM GMT+0

The jobs speech that President Obama gave to Congress and country last week changed relatively little in how the public views his performance on jobs and the economy. Just 17% in this week’s Economist/YouGov Poll think the President is doing enough to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Last week, 18% said yes. 

Nearly two-thirds both this week and last said they thought the President should be doing more. Only half the country listened to even a part of the President’s address; listeners were slightly more likely to identify as Democrats than Republicans. Those who saw or heard the speech were divided on the quality of the speech and the potential impact of the proposals. 51% rated the speech as good or very good, but 49% said it was only fair — or even poor. And they were also divided on what would happen if Congress passed the President’s plan. 42% thought that would create a substantial number of new jobs, but 44% disagreed. The President’s proposals will cost money — and there is moderate support for spending government money to create jobs and stimulate the economy. 40% favor doing that, and 34% oppose it. But those figures are worse for the President than they were a week ago — before the speech. Then, 50% favored spending more money to create jobs and stimulate the economy. 

Of course, the President is contending with a tough economy — one that many people think is getting even worse. This week, 53% say the economy is getting worse — among the highest percentages recorded in the Economist/YouGov Poll since the first few months of the Obama Administration. 56% believe the next generation of Americans will have a lower standard of living than people today. And as for the President’s management of the economy, his 30% approval on the issue is just a few points about the all-time low of 26% on this recorded last month. 

The President’s overall approval rating this week is 40%, and a majority — 53% — disapproves of how he is handling his job. 

Photo source: Press Association

Economist/YouGov poll archives can found here.

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