Despite Al-Awlaki’s Death, 64% Still See Al-Qaeda As A Serious Threat

October 10, 2011, 9:26 PM GMT+0

Although nearly half of those in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll say the country is safer now than in 2001, 64% still believe Al-Qaeda is a serious threat to the country. And just about half say that a terrorist attack in the next 12 month is at least somewhat likely.

But the public is not as fearful today as it was in the week following the killing of Osama bin Laden. Then just about two-thirds of the public said they thought a terrorist attack was likely. 

Republicans worry more about the possibility of another terrorist attack than Democrats do.

Fewer believe al-Qaeda is a threat to the U.S. than did in May. Then, 72% described al-Qaeda as a serious threat. 

However, many Americans aren’t sure the Obama Administration policies have made the country safer. Even though a majority of the public approves of the way Barack Obama is handling the issue of terrorism, less than a third think his policies have made the U.S. safer. One in five believes they have made the country less safe. 

Photo source: Press Association

Economist/YouGov poll archives can found here.

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