The Gop Horserace: A Tightened Race At The Top

January 27, 2012, 6:45 PM GMT+0

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary has brought him back near the top of the GOP field among those registered voters who expect to vote in a Republican primary of caucus this year. He gets the support of 29% of GOP voters, and is back in a contest for first place, a position he has not held nationally in more than a month. 

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, at 31%, is effectively tied with Gingrich. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum gets only 11%. Ron Paul is third at 13%.

Romney support has been the same for two weeks, while Gingrich has jumped up eight points in one week. Among GOP voters who identify with the Tea Party, the increase is even greater: Gingrich has risen 18 points among Tea Partiers, from 24% last week to 42% this week. Some of that Tea Party gain was Santorum’s loss. He lost 16 points in Tea Party support.

This race appears to be constantly evolving, but there is one constant. Asked who is likely to be the GOP nominee, Republican voters are more than twice as likely to think Romney will be as to say it will be Gingrich. 

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Photo source: Press Association

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