Mother’s Day in the year of COVID-19: What moms look forward to doing once lockdowns end

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
May 05, 2020, 4:30 PM GMT+0

Sunday will be a different kind of Mother’s Day for many with social distancing and lockdowns still in place in most states. But what if the pandemic was over already?

Moms are looking forward to doing the things they like once restrictions are lifted and businesses reopen.

According to a YouGov study conducted April 24-27 on the activities people look forward to when lockdowns end, mothers cannot wait to visit their loved ones and friends (62%), sit down to eat or drink at a restaurant or bar (59%), go shopping in person (50%), and visit a salon (49%). The data shows that on all four of these specific activities, moms are significantly more likely to indicate they look forward to them when compared with Americans overall.

How Americans plan on spending Mother’s Day

Three in 10 people say they plan on celebrating Mother’s Day in-person this year (30%). But many will rely on some form of telecommunication to get in touch with mom including a phone call (29%), video chat (18%), or text message (17%).

A separate YouGov poll of 25,346 Americans from the weekend before Mother’s Day shows that 55 percent are preparing a gift or card for mom. One in five Americans say they bought a Mother’s Day gift or card already (20%) and an additional 35 percent say they plan on getting one.

Methodology: YouGov’s survey on the activities people look forward to after lockdowns end is based on the interviews of 1,175 US adults aged 18 and over, including 350 mothers, between April 24-27, 2020. All interviews were conducted online and the results have been weighed to be nationally representative. See the full results here.

Learn about how people plan on celebrating Mother’s Day and whether they prepared a gift

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