America Speaks: Which presidential candidate do they think cares more about women’s issues?

Candice JaimungalSocial Media Contributor
September 16, 2020, 1:34 PM GMT+0

YouGov chat users are more likely to say Joe Biden (53%) cares about the needs and problems of American women, compared to President Donald Trump (42%).

But why do YouGov users feel this way about the 2020 presidential candidates and their commitment to women’s issues? We asked our Chat users to go deeper and tell us what they think. You can share your views on whether Joe Biden and Donald Trump care about the needs and problems of American women here.

“Biden carries a unifying message. He was insistent in choosing a qualified woman VP.”


When we asked Chat users to tell us why they think Biden cares more about women’s needs and problems than Donald Trump, many cited Biden’s Vice-Presidential pick – Kamala Harris, and his vow to select a woman as his running mate. “His work during his term as Vice President seems to be supportive of women, especially in terms of the ACA. Clearly nominating Harris for VP sends a strong message as well.” stated one user. “He selected a woman VP. He wants equal pay for women. He wants to help with childcare for working women.” wrote another.

“Passing the violence against women act for starters. And secondly, his [Joe Biden’s] track record as a senator and vice president has always defended the rights of women. Particularly on a woman's right to choose.”

Many Chat users also stated that Biden’s history and track record proves that he cares about women. “I think Biden cares more for women because of his track record. He appreciates intelligent, strong women. He treats women just as he treats men. We are all equal, and he cares about us all.,” wrote a chat user. “He has a track record that shows he cares about women's issues. He sponsored the violence against women act,” stated another user.

Of the 3,413 responses to this chat, 53 percent said they think Biden cares more about women, while 42 percent said President Trump cares more.

“He [President Trump] has more women on his staff... and actually pays them correctly.”


Among Chat users who say President Trump cares more about women’s issues than Biden, most say the proof is in his staff. “He cares for everyone and has a lot of women on his staff” wrote a user. “He has appointed female ambassadors, he has female staff in his cabinet, and some of his closest advisors are women,” said another.


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