America Speaks: Who do they think won the vice-presidential debate?

Candice JaimungalSocial Media Contributor
October 13, 2020, 7:52 PM GMT+0

Half (53%) of voters who watched the vice-presidential debate say Kamala Harris won the debate, while 37% say Mike Pence won, according to a recent Yahoo News/YouGov Poll.

We asked our YouGov Chat users to go deeper and tell us who they thought won the 2020 vice-presidential debate, and why. You can tell us who you think won the debate here.

Kamala Harris

For those who said Kamala Harris won the 2020 vice-presidential debate against Mike Pence, many cited her professionalism, responses, and credibility.

  • "She was confident and proved that she could handle the job as VP, and as President if she ever had to."
  • "Intelligent answers and more discussion, I feel she cares about the people and doing what's right for our people and country to be healthy and strong."
  • "She was calm and composed."
  • "She was dignified, professional and more honest."
  • "She was credible, relatable and cares about the American public."

Mike Pence

YouGov Chat users who believe Mike Pence won the debate, much like those who said Harris won, cited his calm composure and responses.

  • "I believe that he answered questions that Americans wanted to hear…"
  • "He was professional and completely transparent."

  • "Calm, collected, detailed answers."
  • "He answered his questions and responded with confidence and accuracy."
  • " Better prepared, more truthful, better presentation, all around better person."



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