America Speaks: How they avoid election stress

November 03, 2020, 5:14 PM GMT+0

Having Election Day anxiety? We asked YouGov Chat users to tell us how they avoid election-related stress. You can share your thoughts on the topic here.

“Try to avoid falling down a rabbit hole of news articles and videos”


Many Chat users advise tuning out of any election related news...

  • “Don't watch the news, mute the tv or radio when political ads come on.”
  • “Avoid watching news twice a day. Don't read every article on the news feed. Ignore comments on social media.”
  • “I try not to watch the news! But every time my husband tells me stuff I feel my pressure rising. I've told him I don't want to hear it.”

...and taking up a hobby to fill the time.

  • “I try not to read or watch the news. Instead of scrolling on Facebook, I downloaded Duolingo and am learning different languages.”
  • “Meditation, data analysis, logical reasoning.”
  • “I have hobbies to keep me occupied, particularly philately. It's relaxing and stress free with the added benefit of being educational. I also enjoy reading, in particular books related to astronomy and geology.”

Others suggest enjoying the great outdoors.

  • “Exercise, putting the phone away, spend time outdoors.”
  • “I bike ride 13 miles a day in lieu of sex.”
  • “Walking, reading a good book, talking to a few good friends, prayer, seeking beauty in nature.”

“I'm NOT avoiding it. I'm embracing it. I'll be working as a poll worker. This very disturbing time has inspired me to do more than just complain.”


Some YouGov Chat users choose to face election uncertainty and anxiety with acceptance.

  • “No, I made my choice. I can live with that.”
  • “Understand that it's 100% out of my control.”
  • “Live life normally; don’t stress about what you can’t control.”

Others prefer avoidance.

  • “Same way I have dealt with this whole entire year, pretend it's all a nightmare and I will wake up soon and everything will be back to normal again.”
  • “Curl into a ball and stress eat.”
  • “Ignore it until the last day.”

Or when all else fails, have a drink. Here are some of Chat users' top beverage suggestions.

  • “A Strong Martini.”
  • “Drink bourbon.”
  • “Wine and Tequila :)”
  • “A couple of Beers is all I need.”
  • “Wine. Lots of wine.”

“I don't stress, I know God is in control. Whatever is on his timeline will come to pass”


But not everyone is suffering from election related stress. A number of Chat users claim to be unaffected.

  • “I do not suffer from election related stress and anxiety. Is that a thing? Sounds like an inability to cope with the basics of life to me.”
  • “I never get stressed about voting. However, Once I've decided who I will be voting for, I make sure that I go voting early just in case there will be a long line. That is it.”
  • “I don't have any election related anxiety or stress. My suggestion is.... STOP TAKING THINGS SO DAMN SERIOUSLY!!”


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