Public Favors Sanctions Against North Korea

April 19, 2012, 12:00 PM GMT+0

(Week of 4/14/2012) The failed North Korea rocket launch caught the attention of nearly nine in ten Americans, according to the latest Economist/YouGov Poll. Most want the government to take some actions in response — but sanctions (both additional sanctions and stricter enforcement of the current sanctions) are more popular than withholding food aid or more military exercises with U.S. allies in the Pacific.

Republicans are more supportive of all new means of response. Just over half of them would withhold food aid and increase U.S. military activity in the area. Far fewer Democrats support those actions.

In general, Americans want the U.S. to engage directly with countries that are opposed to the U.S., like Iran and North Korea. Republicans and Democrats generally agree.

Economist/YouGov poll archives can be found here

Photo source: Press Association

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