America Speaks: Are they feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the next year with Joe Biden?

Candice JaimungalSocial Media Contributor
November 25, 2020, 4:00 PM GMT+0

In a recent YouGov Chat we asked users if they are feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the upcoming year with President-Elect Joe Biden – and why. Join the conversation here.


Some YouGov Chat users say they are feeling optimistic about the upcoming year with Joe Biden, with many pointing to his knowledge and experience.

  • “Because he is experienced, he is empathetic, and he wants the best for ALL of America, not just those who supported him.”

  • “He has a history of working with people who disagree with him and he's a positive person.”
  • “He is smart and experienced.”
  • “Because he knows what he is doing and is a seasoned professional.”
  • “He has the knowledge and experience necessary to lead the country.”

Other Chat users say they are looking forward to Biden’s plans to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

  • “He has definitive plans on how to deal with COVID, restore our image and relations on the world stage and address climate change. He will also be respectful and work to unite people.”
  • “He had a clear vision and plan for dealing with COVID.”
  • “He will provide actual solutions and a plan to address COVID.”

Some users say they are looking forward to unity and Joe Biden’s ability to work for all Americans...

  • “Joe Biden will bring the country together”

  • “Because Joe Biden knows how to bring the country back together. “
  • “I am looking forward to a president who is dedicated to representing all Americans.”


For YouGov Chat users who are pessimistic about the next year with President-elect Joe Biden, some have low expectations.

  • “I doubt he will work to do anything actually good.”

  • “He won’t get anything done. He’s all talk, no action.”
  • “I don't think he is up to the task.”

Other users fear for the US economy.

  • “His stated policies are sure to wreck the economy.”
  • “I think the stock market and our economy will suffer.”

  • “I'm afraid he will ruin the economy.”

Some Chat users do not believe Biden will be able to represent the country as a whole – or heal the division.

  • “I feel they [Joe Biden and Kamala Harris] are not representing all of America!”
  • “He is a career politician that will not be able to unite the two parties...”
  • “He divides this country...”


Not all YouGov Chat users are sure if they are feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the upcoming year with Biden. Many users say they are unsure and point to both the Senate and Republican party.

  • “Depends on the Senate.”
  • “The Republicans in the Senate will be uncooperative in governing the country.”
  • “Republican obstructionists in Congress will try to block every initiative.”

  • “The Republicans will be oppositional and he's [Joe Biden] too inclined to want to get along.”


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