Euro opinion on the US election

October 31, 2012, 12:33 PM GMT+0

If Europeans could vote in the US election Obama would win by over 90%

If Europeans were able to vote in the upcoming American presidential election they would overwhelmingly cast their ballots in favour of Barack Obama, according to the results of YouGov’s EuroTrack survey, a multi-country study tracking public opinion in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The seven nation poll found that no more than 10% in any country surveyed said they would vote for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Romney being 'overshadowed' by Obama

Commenting on the EuroTrack findings, YouGov Director of Political and Social Research Joe Twyman said:

“No doubt many Americans are not overly concerned about who Europeans think they should vote for, but on the other hand history has shown that when a president is unpopular with the people of Europe it can have a far-reaching effect on how those people view the whole United States.

Obviously, both candidate’s top priority is to win over the American public, but every modern president must also show that they can be an effective operator in the international arena. That includes being seen favourably by people in other countries.

While Obama’s support at home has waned, his popularity in Europe is still such that it is effectively overshadowing Romney who, even as the campaign reaches a climax, has yet to make much of an impression on Europeans.”

Tight contest in US

Meanwhile, the results of our latest poll of US voters reveal a much tighter contest. Amongst registered voters, Obama received 48% support, while Romney was at 46%.

When asked if the US would become more or less respected by other countries if Obama were reelected, 28% said the US would be more respected, 30% said it would be about the same, and 34% said America would be less respected if Obama retained the Oval Office.

If Romney were elected president, 32% of respondents said the US would be more respected by other countries, 17% said it would be said about the same, and 39% said America would be less respected if Romney wins the election.

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