Petraeus: Still Liked, But Not As Much

November 21, 2012, 12:30 PM GMT+0

(Week of 11/17/2012) Retired General David Petraeus was once one of the most popular men in American life. The architect of the Iraq surge and former commander in America’s wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, he was viewed favorably by most of the public. Barely one in ten had a negative view of him. But the most recent Economist/YouGov Poll suggests that his resignation as CIA Director after the revelation of an extramarital affair has taken a toll on that popularity.

This week, just 35% have a favorable opinion of Petraeus, while 37% have an unfavorable view. On balance, men are more favorable than not, while women are more unfavorable. Older age groups are more likely to have a favorable view of Petraeus, and more likely to be willing to rate him as well. Both Democrats and Republicans are slightly more likely to have an unfavorable view of the former General, but Republicans are more willing to rate him than Democrats.