No Second Chance for Anthony Weiner?

April 15, 2013, 7:32 PM GMT+0

A large majority of Americans oppose Anthony Weiner getting a “second chance” after he had to resign following a 2011 sex scandal.

Anthony Weiner resigned as a New York Congressman in 2011 after accidentally tweeting lewd photos intended for a female follower on Twitter. In an interview this past week with the New York Times Magazine, Anthony Weiner asked for a “second chance” and strongly hinted he would run to become New York City mayor.

New YouGov research reveals that, if voters across the nation had a say, he would not get that chance.

Only 27% of voters think the former Congressman should get a second chance while 59% opposed the idea.

The results show that although there is a split along party lines, more Democrats are opposed to giving him a second chance (43%) than are in favour (40%). Only 16% of Republicans feel similarly.

Anthony Weiner is thought likely to announce his candidacy in coming days, having released a policy plan for New York City on Monday.

Complete results are available here.

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