YouGov // Esquire Study: Who do you know?

April 15, 2013, 10:16 PM GMT+0

While political issues are discussed nationally, they do not affect everyone equally.

As part of an ongoing study of how the people we know affect our views, YouGov examined how many Americans knew individuals who belonged to specific groups which are at center of political issues.

Key findings include:

Illegal Immigration:

  • More than one in four Americans (29%) knew someone who was an illegal immigrant
  • Young adults are more likely to know an illegal immigrant than senior citizens
  • Democrats and Republicans were equally likely to say they knew one

Iraq and Afghanistan:

  • 42% of Americans know somone or served themself in Afghanistan and 48% know someone or served themself in Iraq,
  • 13% Americans know someone who died in Iraq or Afghanistan

Gay Marriage:

  • A majority of Americans (56%) know someone who is in a committed gay relationship
  • This extends across nearly all demographic groups and political affiliations

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Israel/Palestine Conflict

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