Americans Say Sequester Impact Exaggerated

April 25, 2013, 5:08 PM GMT+0

Two months after the sequester cuts, Americans say impact is exaggerated and are distrustful of most major players - especially the media.

Across the board cuts in federal spending began on March 1st and the impact of the cuts have been a source of major discussion ever since.

The latest YouGov research shows that the military is regarded as being the most honest when discussing the sequester, with only 35% of Americans believing that the military is inaccurately representing the impact of the sequester, while 39% trust the military on this issue.

Only 14% of Americans believe the media is being honest, with 64% believing that the media is inaccurately portraying the impact of the cuts in one way or another.

The media is far more likely to be regarded as exaggerating the impact of the sequester cuts (51%), while Congressional Republicans are most likely to be viewed as downplaying the impact of the cuts (24%).

Many of the sequester cuts are only just beginning to take effect, as federal departments enjoyed a small window to draw up plans to slash costs. More cuts are being implemented, and this week the FAA cut the number of working air traffic controllers by 10%.

Complete results are available here.

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