Internet sales: tax us now or not at all

April 29, 2013, 3:01 PM GMT+0

Americans would prefer to pay sales tax on goods bought online at point of sale, but in general are largely against any internet sales taxes.

Congress is currently considering a bill to ensure online stores obey local sales tax laws. Currently sales taxes on interstate online purchases often go unpaid as thousands of different cities and states apply a wide range different laws to online purchases, most commonly requring that tax be paid on goods bought online when income tax returns are filed.

The latest YouGov research shows that when asked whether sales taxes should be paid at the time of purchase or whether they should be calculated and collected with yearly state tax returns, 39% prefer up front collection while only 4% want to pay with their tax returns.

46%, however, are against paying any tax at all.

Results were split when people were asked where the revenue should go to. 22% agree with the proposed law and think that taxes should be paid according to where the buyer lives, while 21% think it should be paid where the seller is. Again however, the largest amount (44%) are against paying any tax at all.