Americans open to China cooperation despite negative views

June 17, 2013, 6:26 PM GMT+0

Americans tend to have negative opinions about China, but by and large are still open to a more cooperative relationship with the country.

President Obama recently held a summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, discussing a wide range of issues of concern between the two countries, as the relationship between the US and China increasingly comes to set the tone of global politics. The economic rise of China in particular has affected the lives of ordinary people around the world, with jobs being lost to cheaper Chinese producers while at the same time delivering booming trade and cheap imports

The latest YouGov research shows that Americans tend to have negative opinions about China. When asked to say which words or phrases they most associated with China, most chose "can't be trusted" followed by "undemocratic". A significant number did note China rise however, with 45% associating "on the rise" with China.

This is aptly illustrated by the responses of people when asked who they believe is the world's leading power now and who will be so in 20 years. 56% of Americans say that the US is currently the world's leading power today, while only 18% say that China is. Looking forward 20 years however, 32% think that China will be compared to 29% who think the US will be.

Nevertheless the American public is supportive of the government pursuing a more cooperative relationship with China. Only 27% say that the US should cooperative less with China, while 22% support the current levels of interaction and 45% would like to see a deeper and more cooperative relationship between the two countries.