Worst NYC subway lines: G and 7 trains

Jake GammonHead of Omnibus, US
February 19, 2015, 7:32 PM GMT+0

The worst subway lines, according to subway travelers who have ridden the subway in the last 3 months, are the G train and the number 7 (both cited by 9% of travelers).

The 4-carriage G train running from Queens to Brooklyn is dogged by more than just its tiny size. The subway line runs less frequently than most and gives priority to the poorly rated 7 trains running on their shared tracks.

New York subway riders’ main gripes about the lines they think are worst are predominantly service related. 44% of riders think the poorest lines are too infrequent, 43% think there are too many delays and 41% think the night/weekend service is poor.

Overcrowding – caused no doubt by shoddy schedules – is the next main concern (38%).

Outdated carriages (20%), panhandlers (16%) and poor subway etiquette (16%) come way down the list of major reasons for disliking subway lines.

The number 1 train, the A train, and the L train were the best subway lines according to subway users. Again schedules are key for good marks with frequent arrivals cited by more than half (57%) of travelers as the reason they thought a line was best. And again lack of panhandlers and polite fellow travellers were both only mentioned by 8% as a reason to like a particular line.

Overall New York subway riders think that overcrowding is the worst part of subway travel. 29% of riders who have used the subway in the last 3 months say that overcrowding is the single worst aspect of the subway followed by expensive fares (11%) and infrequent trains (9%).

In general, which ONE, if any, of the following do you think is the worst aspect of the New York City Subway?

Base: NYC Adults who have ridden the subway in the last 3 months

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