Beyonce Black Panther show not popular, but she needn't worry

February 16, 2016, 4:55 PM GMT+0

Most Americans, particularly white Americans, didn't appreciate Beyonce's Black Panther references but a large majority of Americans are capable of separating art from politics

From exposed nipples to off-rhythm sharks, February wouldn't be the same in America without a half-time show controversy and this year is no different. Beyonce, who performed alongside Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Lady Gaga in the show, provoked criticism with her Black Panther-themed dancers and choreography.

Research from YouGov shows that half of America (50%) think it was unacceptable for Beyonce to make the references she did to the Black Panthers during her half-time show. There is, predictably, a significant racial divide on this issue, however. 62% of white Americans say that it was unacceptable, but 53% of black Americans say that it was acceptable. Hispanics tend to say it was unacceptable (42%) rather than acceptable (28%).

Beyonce may not need to worry too much about any backlash, however.

74% of Americans say that they are still able to enjoy the work of an artist whose work they enjoy but whose politics they dislike. That includes 72% of people who thought Beyonce's half-time show was unacceptable and 76% of white Americans.

Full poll results can be found here and topline results and margin of error here.