Target is America’s most popular department store

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
May 14, 2018, 5:00 PM GMT+0

Opinions vary depending on whether a shopper values low prices or has expensive tastes

According to YouGov Ratings, America’s most popular department store is Target, of which 69% of Americans have a positive opinion. That’s followed by Dollar Tree (66%), Kohl’s (64%), Walmart (63%), and Costco (61%).

Among those who look for the lowest prices when they shop, Dollar Tree (67%) takes the top spot and Target (66%) drops to second place. Walmart (66%), Kohl’s (62%), and J.C. Penney (61%) are also popular with low price shoppers.

Those who say they have expensive tastes rank Target (79%) as their favorite department store. Macy’s (67%), Costco (67%), J.C. Penney (66%) , and T.J. Maxx (65%) are also popular among those with expensive tastes.

Two brands remain constants despite differences between the two types of shoppers. Target and J.C. Penney enjoy popularity among both consumer groups, suggesting a diverse range of low cost and expensive product lines that satisfies both retail needs.

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Photo: Getty