Over 65s most satisfied with lives

June 11, 2013, 1:01 PM GMT+0

Americans over the age of 65 are by far the most happy with how their lives have turned out.

Recent media reports have highlighted growing suicide rates among baby boomers approaching retirement. One explanation discussed is that the reality of aging has proven to be disappointing for a generation so defined by its youth culture, not to mention the high expectations created in the years prior to the oil shock in an age that many now retrospectively consider the golden years of the United States.

The latest YouGov research shows, however, that younger baby boomers need not necessarily fear old age so much. People over the age of 65 - 38% of whom describe themselves as boomers - were the most likely of any demographic to say that their lives have been better than they expected. People over the age of 65 have, on average, a 13% higher life satisfaction score than people of all ages who describe themselves as 'baby boomers'.

Despite this, people over the age of 65 (28%) are the most likely to report that things in their lives are getting worse, though this is only marginally higher than the 27% of people aged between 45 and 64 who say the same.

Interestingly, however, many who would have been born in the baby boom (roughly 1945 to 1965) do not describe themselves as being a part of the 'baby boomer' generation, with 23% of people aged between 45 and 64 saying that they are not boomers.