American League teams favorites for World Series

October 16, 2013, 5:34 PM GMT+0

Teams in the American league are the favorites for the World Series, while the LA Dodgers have the widest base of support nationally.

Americans have a soft spot for Major League Baseball – but just 23% are closely following the Major League playoffs. But according to the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, those fans of the sports definitely have favorites: American League teams.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are on the verge of losing the National League championship to the St. Louis Cardinals, but baseball fans generally wish it was the other way round. 59% of baseball fans in the US are rooting for the Dodgers to come from behind and win the League title, while 41% want the Cards to hold onto their lead and win. On the American League side, the closer playoff contest is reflected in the fans’ division: half want the Boston Red Sox to win, half are rooting for the Detroit Tigers.

Of course, that American League playoff has a regional component, with the home regions of the Red Sox and Tigers generally rooting for the home team. But there is also a political component: Democrats prefer the Tigers, Republicans and Independents the Boston Red Sox. The Dodgers have a broader base: most regions and age groups tend to back the LA team. This is true even to the extent that supporters of both political parties have found that rarest of things in tending to like the Dodgers: common ground.

Whatever the American League outcome, the fans want that champion to defeat the National League winner in the World Series, with the National League teams coming out worst in each possible combination of World Series finals.

There are, again, some regional differences, depending on the teams. But in all cases, fans are rooting for the American League.

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