Why Plan and Track works

Drive action with daily evidence
React in the moment to changes in perception of your brand from thousands of interviews per day across 16 different metrics.
Target your ideal audience
Identify precise audience segments and the messaging and timing that will resonate with them most th
Analyze with unrivaled granularity
Truly understand the mindset of your consumers with detailed profiling from brand perception to hobbies, media consumption, and much more.
Customize your data
Add-on to our daily brand perception data, re-contact defined audience segments with your own unique questions or conduct independent surveys and upload the data back into your Profiles account.
Plan with confidence
Embrace the power of our connected data, trusted by the world's leading brands and media, to deliver robust insights about the markets and audiences most important to you.
Benchmark your competitive edge
Stay close to the competition by tracking your brand performance against your competitors and react to movements as they unfold.
Panel & Technology

The best data and technology

Our syndicated offerings are underpinned by the data collected from our online community which is stored in our connected dataset and accessible via our industry leading technology.

  • global

    Continually updated data from our global online community

    The YouGov Panel is built from sophisticated proprietary sampling technology and a relationship of mutual trust and respect nurtured over a decade. We operate this highly engaged online community of millions of people all over the world, which means you can get straight to the pulse of consumer attitudes, behaviors, and opinions.

  • cube

    Readily available data via the YouGov Cube

    The YouGov Cube is our connected dataset encompassing hundreds of thousands of variables and over a decade of data on our panel members. It’s this combination of panel members, variables, and time that enables us to provide great depth and richness on the audience you need. A detailed study by Pew, ‘Vendor Choice Matters, concluded that YouGov "consistently outperformed the others". YouGov is also the market research pioneer of Multilevel Regression with Poststratification (MRP) for accurate predictions at a granular level.

  • crunch

    Advanced analytics with YouGov Crunch

    YouGov has developed Crunch, the most advanced analytics platform for survey data, that is nevertheless incredibly easy to use. It combines super-fast processing with drag-and-drop simplicity. For more on this, visit

Global Footprint

Understand consumers in over 70 markets

YouGov engages consumer panelists in 42 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia, with partner panels enabling us to reach over 70 markets in all. If you're present in those markets or planning on expanding to them, we can go there with you and help you understand consumers and their distinctly local features.


A team of sector specialists and data scientists

You're not just buying a product, our Client Services team is just a phone call or email away to help you get the best out of Plan and Track. From sector specialists to data scientists, we'll help you answer the hardest questions.

Plan and Track your campaigns and your brand

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