Who is Popular this Super Bowl?

January 29, 2015, 3:24 PM GMT+0

Twice as many Americans want to see the Seahawks dominate this weekend’s Super Bowl than Patriots. 37% of Americans want a Seattle Seahawks win on Sunday compared to only 18% who want a New England Patriots win. 46% of Americans are undecided or don’t care.

Despite their current popularity issues, Patriots supporters are still more bullish about the quality of their team coach. 67% of Patriots Super Bowl supporters think Bill Belichick is the best coach, compared to Seahawks supporters, less than half of whom (47%) think Pete Carroll is the best leader out of the two.

Who do you think is the better team coach?

American adults are almost equally divided with 21% thinking Bill Belichick the superior coach compared to 20% for Pete Carroll.

No surprise for New England Patriot supporters that Tom Brady is their favorite Patriots player with 45% nominating him, next up for them is Rob Gronkowski at 13%. Favorite Seahawks players for Seattle Seahawks supporters are Russell Wilson (23%) and Richard Sherman (16%). The occasionally monosyllabic Marshawn Lynch appears to be more popular with Patriots supporters (10%), than with his own Seattle supporters (7%).

Which, if any, of the following players is your favorite from the New England Patriots?

Which, if any, of the following players is your favorite from the Seattle Seahawks?

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Image courtesy of Press Association