No World Series fan favorite this year

October 18, 2018, 7:00 PM GMT+0

Much of the support of the four remaining teams breaks down by regions

The Major League Baseball playoffs could continue into the weekend; and that could be fine with fans – there is no one team that has the support of a plurality of those following the sport, according to the latest Economist/YouGov Poll. There is no clear favorite overall or in either league. Americans who pay any attention to baseball are divided when it comes to their American League preference; National League preference is also closely matched.

The Dodgers do best in the West (55% of fans there want them to win the National League pennant), while Midwesterners are hoping the Milwaukee Brewers win, and by a very wide 68% to 32% margin. Regional differences are less clear when it comes to the American League playoffs, though in the South the Houston Astros lead the Boston Red Sox in fan support 56% to 44%. As of today, the Red Sox lead the Astros in the playoffs three games to one; Los Angeles leads Milwaukee three games to two.

Among those who pay the most attention to Major League Baseball, there is a National League favorite, but not one for the American League. Those who pay the most attention to baseball want the Brewers to beat the Dodgers, 64% to 36%.

The four teams that remain in the playoffs represent each of the country’s four regions, and support is definitely regional. Asked which team they would like to win the World Series, which begins next Tuesday, each of the four remaining teams have their supporters, many of whom come from the team’s home region. But that makes the nation’s overall preference even, with no fan favorite.

It’s worth noting that fans expect an American League victory in the World Series, even though support for the remaining National League teams when it comes to which team the fans to which team the fans want to win is as high as support for the American League teams. Nearly two-thirds of baseball fans say either the Boston Red Sox or the Houston Astros will win the World Series. Only 14% pick the Milwaukee Brewers. Even in the Midwest, where 43% of baseball fans want the Brewers to win, only 28% think they will. Two-thirds of Dodger, Red Sox and Astro fans think their team will win. Just a third of Brewers fans think the Brewers will.

38% of the most attentive baseball fans would like the Brewers to take it all, but they don’t expect that will happen. Instead, 44% pick the Astros over the three other teams as the most likely winner.

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