Welcome to the new YouGov website!

Freddie SayersEditor-in-Chief of YouGov
January 15, 2015, 5:50 PM GMT+0

Everything you are used to seeing – and more

YouGov has different audiences who think of us in different ways: our panel members, interested members of the public, journalists, clients of YouGov research, academics, and so on. For years, we've wanted to bring all our different websites together under one roof, and finally we now have!

The new site is divided into three main sections, one for each of the main things YouGov does.

  • TAKE PART is where our panel members talk to us and each other, answer surveys and earn points (this is where you'll find your feed, much unchanged);
  • SEE RESULTS is where the media and other visitors can find the latest poll results and news stories;
  • FIND SOLUTIONS is where current and future customers of ours can find out what we can do for them.

Sitting on top of these three sections is a new landing page that throws all new visitors to the site straight into the beating heart of YouGov – answering important questions of the day.

From today, anyone can come to YouGov, see what the day's agenda is, take part, see what the rest of the world thinks, join the discussion and invite friends to take the poll on social media. Opening that process up to everyone, whether they are a YouGov member or not, we see as a big step towards becoming a true internet company.

The thread that runs through all these sections is the power of participation – getting value from sharing your opinion and being counted, interacting with our data and joining the YouGov conversation.

Thanks for taking part!