iPhones Knocked On Value By Both iPhone And Android Owners

Ted MarzilliCEO YouGov Direct
March 27, 2016, 10:29 PM GMT+0

The newly-announced smaller, cheaper iPhone SE may close the value perception problem it has not only with Android owners but iPhone owners themselves.

YouGov BrandIndex data shows that the iPhone has consistently had lower value perception by its owners than Android-based phones have had with theirs.

iPhone owners as a group give Android relatively low value perception grades (although those scores have been increasingly more positive over the past several weeks). However, Android users are even harsher view on iPhone’s value perception, with more Android owners giving iPhone a negative score on value. Perhaps the new, lower priced iPhone will help to address that value perception gap.

YouGov BrandIndex measured iPhone and Android with its Value score, which asks respondents: "Does it give good value for what you pay?” A score can range from 100 to -100 with a zero score equaling a neutral position.

Android owners give their own brand of phone a 67 Value score, a wide 20 points over what iPhone owners rank their own make.

Android owners give the iPhone brand a 23 Value score, up from 4 at the end of January.

However, iPhone owners give Android the only negative ratings in this report, a Value score of -10.