Pinterest's advantage: married women, organized shoppers

Paul HiebertData Journalist
July 26, 2016, 1:31 PM GMT+0

Data from YouGov Profiles reveals the key factors that distinguish Pinterest users from users of other social platforms

Over the past few months, as rumors that Pinterest is preparing for an IPO continue to mount, the image-centric social media platform has been honing its ability to both generate revenue and attract a global user base.

Last month, for example, the site announced new targeting tools to "make Pinterest ads even more effective." More recently, Ad Age reported that the company is expanding its ability to sell advertisers keyword searches, while the Wall Street Journal noted it's also investing in innovative camera-search technology that allows users to seamlessly "buy what they see in the real world." In May, Pinterest launched its first ever television ad campaign, which debuted in the UK.

According to new numbers from YouGov Profiles, which collects longterm data on people's opinions and behaviors, around 80% of people who use Pinterest daily — in other words, its core userbase — are female. More than that, they are a particular kind of woman: when compared with female users of other social networks, Pinterest's users are more likely to be married, have children under the age of 18, and be homemakers.

Another aspect that distinguishes Pinterest's core female users from women on other sites is their attitudes toward advertising and shopping. 83% of them prefer to see everyday people in ads, while 70% organize their weekly shopping trips. With a higher chance of having a kid in the home, it also makes sense that female Pinterest users report higher rates of their children influencing their purchase decisions.

As for distinct hobbies and interests, the women of Pinterest are far more likely to read domestic-related content involving food and cooking, the home, and gardening.

Pinterest currently stands at an $11 billion valuation. If the young company does decide to go public, as many anticipate it will, investors and marketers should expect to find opportunity within its very particular userbase.