YouGov Affluent Perspective 2017: Brands Need to See the Affluent as They See Themselves

Cara DavidManaging Partner
October 11, 2017, 2:00 PM GMT+0

Welcome to the tenth installment in a series that delves into the latest insights from the YouGov Affluent Perspective 2017 Global Study. Throughout the year, we study the attitudes, lifestyles, values, and shopping behaviors of the world’s most successful households.

Driving brand loyalty among the affluent has never been more challenging. New brands, new options, and new products are competing for the devotion of your customers. What’s more, the majority of the global elite don’t feel personally connected to many brands, even though they say a personal relationship factors into their loyalty.

So it’s no surprise that more than half of the affluent in the study report that they are less loyal to brands now than in the past.

Real personal recognition – not the superficial kind – will go a long way to driving loyalty among the affluent. 72% of affluent consumers want brands to show appreciation for their loyalty. They know how important their business is to the brands they choose. For marketers, this is an opportunity.

Building strong relationships with affluent customers is the key. First, spend some time getting to know your best customers beneath the surface. The affluent tell us they are intelligent; they relate to brands they perceive to be smart. They are honest; be open and real when interacting with them. They are friendly; greet them with warmth and ease. They are practical and independent; empower your employees to make reasonable decisions for them on the spot. Connecting with them on a human level will go a long way to maintaining valued relationships.

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