Yes, Zoom is the video-calling kingpin. How popular are the other services?

Graeme BruceBusiness Data Journalist
January 25, 2021, 8:24 PM UTC

About one in five American workers began telecommuting since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and new YouGov data shows which services workers are using to stay in touch with colleagues. 

Roughly half (49%) of the American workforce currently at home use the video conference service Zoom, with the brand becoming both a verb and a household name for many since the pandemic began. 

The survey paints a clear picture of the video communication industry currently. Behind Zoom, nearly a third of Americans (32%) reported using  Microsoft Teams. Once considered the vanguard of video calling, Skype is low on our list with just 13%using it to communicate at work. After it was purchased by Microsoft, the tech giant announced the end-of-life for Skype for Business would be July 31, 2021. 

Around one in nine  workers use Slack (12%), which bundles instant messaging with audio and video calling functionality. 

YouGov’s survey also shows how social media platforms are being used by business in America. One in ten  workers (10%) use Facebook Messenger, while 8% use Google Chat and 6% use WhatsApp. 

Other results from our research show one in ten workers using GoToMeeting, 3% using BlueJeans and 3% using Cisco Jabber. 

However, business in America still runs on the tried-and-true email (84%) and telephone (69%), our survey indicates. 

Methodology: Results are based on a YouGov poll of 1,600 US adults, including 538 Working from home. Interviews took place on January 12, 2021 between 8:00 a.m. and 9:42 a.m. The survey was carried out through YouGov Direct. The margin of error is 3.2% for the overall sample.See full results here

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