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Thin Mints are America’s favorite Girl Scout cookies

Shrewd business acumen and sheer entrepreneurial spirit aren’t typically words used to describe young children but that’s how many described a Californian Girl Scout who set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary and sold more than 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scouts organization is unsure how to handle the situation going forward, but according to a new YouGov poll, 67% of Americans say that Girl Scouts should be allowed to sell their cookies outside any legal establishment.

Just 17% disagree, saying that places considered controversial should not be where Girl Scouts conduct their business. Nearly the same amount (16%) report that they’re unsure what to make of this type of thing.

Many may simply appreciate this girl’s entrepreneurial spirit, as her staunchest supporters are Americans who earn over $80,000 a year – 79% say she should be able to sell wherever she wants.

Wherever she’s selling, she’s likely to find buyers – the vast majority of Americans have a favorite Girl Scout cookie. The most popular among them is Thin Mints, which 27% of Americans say is their favorite. The runner-ups for America’s favorite include Samoas (19%), Tagalongs (10%), Trefoils (10%), and Do-si-dos (9%). Just 9% of Americans say they don’t like any of the cookies and even fewer (5%) are not familiar with them.

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