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City-dwellers prefer Stevie Wonder, suburbanites like Louis Armstrong, and rural Americans favor Johnny Cash

Musical tastes are wide and varied, and a person's habititat may play a role. According to data from YouGov Ratings, urbanites are most likely to have a postiive opinion of Stevie Wonder – 75% of city-dwellers have a postive opinion of the R&B legend. In the suburbs, 74% of residents have a positive opinion of jazz Louis Armstrong, while 78% of ruralites have a positive opinion of country star Johnny Cash.

The top five list for city dwellers is rounded out with The Beatles, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Ray Charles.  

In the suburbs, the next highest artists are The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Johnny Cash. 

For rural livers, the next highest rated music artists are The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley, and the Eagles. 

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