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21% of millennials say they’ll bring home a fresh-cut tree

With over half of Americans saying that Christmas is now more of a cultural holiday (57%) than a religious one (33%), certain holiday traditions like putting up a Christmas tree or opening presents may be changing as well. This year, the average price of a Christmas tree is $74.70 and YouGov reports that 44% of Americans will not be buying a Christmas tree this year and less than one in five intend to buy a real one (16%).

Of those who say they’ll buy a real Christmas tree this year, age seems to play a factor. Millennials are the most likely to buy a fresh-cut tree (21%) while those 55 and over are less likely to say the same (11%). More than half of those over the age of 55 (56%) say that they won’t be buying a tree at all this year.

Americans generally favor collecting their Christmas presents on the day itself – nearly half (48%) say that the best time to open presents is on Christmas Day, while almost one-third (30%) say that it’s best to open some on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas morning. Only one in ten (10%) say it’s best to do it all on Christmas Eve.

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