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Nearly half of those over 55 always make their beds (47%)

A part of any military regimen is the act of making one’s bed in the morning. Make it a habit and author Charles Duhigg of The Power of Habit writes it can create “chain reactions that help other good habits take hold.” According to a new YouGov poll, many Americans also tidy up after rolling out of bed. Data from the latest YouGov Omnibus poll reveals that a third of Americans (37%) they “always” make their beds.

Others in the survey report that they only do it “often” (19%), “sometimes’ (20%), or “rarely” (14%). Few say they never make their beds (7%).

While a majority of people (76%) make their beds at least “sometimes”, Americans over the age of 55 (81%) boast the highest rate of doing so. The practice isn’t as popular among the young though. Millennials, both 18 to 24 (67%) and 25 to 34 year-olds (66%), are the least likely of all age groups to say they make their beds at least “sometimes”. A quarter of older millennials (26%), 25 to 34, say they roll out of bed and “rarely” or “never” tidy up.

The new poll also shows slight differences for bed-makers who earn different salaries. Eight in ten people (82%) who make over $80,000 a year say they make their beds at least “sometimes”. At least seven in ten of those who earn between $40,000 and $80,000 (74%) and those who make less than $40,000 (72%) say they also make their beds at that frequency.

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