(Week of 11/17/2012)  On Election Day, Americans in three states voted to legalize marriages between same-sex couples, and in another state voted against outlawing those pairings. This marked the first time that voters expressed approval of same-sex marriages. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, Americans indicate their acceptance of open homosexuals in nearly all leadership positions.

Over 65% of Americans think openly gay people should be allowed to be members of Congress, university professors, mayors of big cities, and managers of local businesses. And between 60% and 65% think openly gay people should be allowed to be army generals, high school principals, and coaches of professional sports teams. However, less than half of Americans think that openly gay individuals should be allowed to be church ministers.

Opposition to homosexual behavior has always been highest among the most religious Americans. But even those who say that religion is very important to them would allow openly gay people in nearly all of these positions, though acceptance is narrower in most cases. Only 30% of people who say that religion is very important to them believe that openly gay people should be allowed to be church ministers.


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Photo source: Press Association

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