Brands need to fine tune their approach when advertising on ASMR videos

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April 01, 2019, 4:33 PM UTC

Paying attention to the detail with this trend will help brands create better strategies

Visually stimulating ASMR videos, which are aimed at giving viewers a relaxing tingling sensation, are becoming increasingly popular and provide brands with an opportunity for a controversy-free way to connect with customers.

The author contends brands would do better to advertise on ASMR videos instead of creating original ASMR based adverts, but they need to re-assess their approach to advertising on videos. Because loud adverts infringe on the viewer experience, influencers have been urging brands to tone down the volume so they fit with their content more easily. 

Even though ASMR content is usually brand safe, it is important that brands monitor the content around the videos regularly especially when the category is attractive for kids. The author also notes that monitoring is important because some videos use branded products and advertisers may want to avoid them for competitive reasons.

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