Native advertising using real life images has a stronger impact on audiences

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May 09, 2019, 1:14 PM UTC

Numbers in native ads act as lead-ins to the main content.

This article presents native ads as a solution for marketers aiming to share information that consumers are looking for while providing an uninterrupted user experience. Native ads, a form of paid media, could be trusted by audiences given that they appear as a part of the medium on which they’re displayed.

Adding real life images and making the ads visually attractive can capture the reader’s attention and make a stronger impact. Marketers that have run successful native ad campaigns hold the view that using numbers in native ads generates more impact and attract attention which can lead the audiences to the actual content.

Imperfections in native ads could come across as transparent and genuine further involving the audience in the ad. Native advertising also improves consumer engagement which leads to short-term interactions. These interactions can then be built upon to build long-lasting relationships.

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