Tailored emails which match subscriber preferences can drive higher conversions

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May 13, 2019, 5:50 PM UTC

Visual elements into email marketing campaigns can offer consumers an improved experience.

An omnichannel strategy is highly essential for marketers to reach modern consumers. This piece argues that email marketing holds the highest ROI value in an omnichannel strategy with capabilities to create an impression within the consumers’ multi-channel digital experiences.

Marketers need to personalise their emails to individual customers by creating a segment list of consumers by utilising the subscriber information from their past interactions. The author says that personalised emails have higher chances of drawing customer engagement and more conversion rates. Adding visuals to make emails feel like mailable microsites can make them more fun and engaging for the consumer.

Analysing behaviour on the brand’s website can help marketers understand the customer and craft behaviour-based relevant emails. These emails can not only help marketers build brand engagement with the consumer but also generate trust.

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