AI can be used to analyse social networking data to address customer satisfaction

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May 21, 2019, 5:03 PM UTC

Social intelligence is an application of AI that is used to study people’s online activity

This piece argues that even though a strong AI is still far from reach, marketers can use the available AI systems to increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. AI can be used to gain insights from unstructured data obtained from social media sites or any public source of online data.

The author argues that this data can be used to assess a brand’s social media presence in terms of engagement and reach. It can also be used to understand how the brand is perceived online and help craft the language and tone for effective messaging. 

Social Intelligence can also help marketers get a better understanding of customer experience. Apart from understanding and addressing customer needs, AI can be applied to track a brand’s equity and get insights for new product development research.

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