Brands need to invest in voice tech to diversify the omnichannel experience

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May 29, 2019, 2:10 PM UTC

Finding the right voice for international audiences can be a challenge for global brands.

This article says that despite voice assistants being available on all major mobile platforms, most people still tend to use search bars. But investing in voice tech can help brands create an omnichannel marketing strategy for better user experience.

To make voice tech, more prevalent brands should invest in technologies that are intuitive and work across multiple channels. The author contends that brands can no longer ignore the value of voice technology as it gives a brand personality and makes it more tangible to the audiences.

Offering voice solutions to global audiences can pose a challenge as brands need to incorporate it with local languages. The piece argues that voice tech requires a long-term investment of constant learning and scaling and brands should develop solutions that anticipate complex situations.

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