Advertisers need to be more transparent about their usage of AI to create credibility and trust

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June 07, 2019, 7:01 AM UTC

They must differentiate between buzzwords and good AI technology to continuously evolve.

The author points out that in order to build credibility and trust, brands must be open about the ways in which they’re using AI. However, this doesn’t need to involve disclosing every detail of the models in a way that it can be copied by competitors.

The author suggests advertisers need to differentiate “good AI technology” from trendy buzzwords. In parallel, the wider industry needs to develop a definition of AI and the type of technologies it involves. Companies need to develop “great” AI technology which could optimise for multiple KPIs and exponentially outperform humans.

Additionally, AI tech should be frequently updated so that it can learn faster. Implementing good AI tech also means that it should be scalable without too much human intervention.

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